Untitled (Collection of Space)

Site specific installation.

53 inkjet prints


It is an impulse.

To find a trace of space,

of its stars and galaxies and nebulas and dark holes and comets and emptiness.

It is a constant quest.

An hope to find your trace in this unknown land,

the unattainable space.

I've grown up being told tales and facts about the outer space. 

Looking up and getting a sense of what a vast place it is. 

I started gathering all those images related to it; some that I've took, some that I've found. 

A rocket exposed in a museum.  

Textured land took from the sky. 

Launching sites and observatories. 

Sparkles of fake stars. 

And on, and on; I’m building a galaxy of my quest for the outer space. 

This idea of an inaccessible unbounded place became the object of an obsession translated here as this physical collection. 

Here’s just the beginning of it.

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